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Composites and Coatings Group

Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy

Extraction of plasticity parameters from a single test using a spherical indenter and FEM modelling

J. Dean, T.W. Clyne

Mechanics of Materials 105, 112-122


Limit case analysis of the "stable indenter velocity" method for obtaining creep stress exponents from constant load indentation creep tests

J. Campbell, J. Dean, T.W. Clyne

Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials


Nano-terracing on polycrystalline palladium induced via simple heat treatment

J.M. Sobral, T.W. Clyne, R. Rezk, A.E. Markaki

Scripta Materialia, 130 (2017) 17-21


Control over fine scale terrace structures induced on polycrystalline Pd by simple heat treatments in air

JM Sobral, TW Clyne, R Rezk, AE Markaki

Surface and Coatings Technology 326, 327-335


Johnson-Cook parameter evaluation from ballistic impact data via iterative FEM modelling

M Burley, JE Campbell, J Dean, TW Clyne

International Journal of Impact Engineering 112, 180-192


Development and assessment of photo-catalytic membranes for water purification using solar radiation

M Coto, SC Troughton, J Duan, RV Kumar, TW Clyne

Applied Surface Science 433, 101-107