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Composites and Coatings Group

Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy

FEMOR (Finite Element MOdelling Resources) is an online repository of finite element teaching and learning resources. It includes a repository of ABAQUS-created model files (below) covering various types of analysis from elastic beam bending to extended finite element methods and fluid-structure interactions. There is a separate repository for lecture notes and other material covering the theoretical aspects of finite element analysis. Submissions for inclusion are welcomed and encouraged (please send your material and/or input files to James Dean at

Members of the department with specific modelling problems can book an appointment at the ABAQUS surgery which runs on Friday afternoons between 2.00 and 5.00 pm. Contact James Dean at for an appointment time.

Lecture Course Material

 Model Repository







Coming soon:

Thermo-mechanical extrusion

Fluid-structure interaction (coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian)




Cohesive elements

Composite materials

Equation-of-state modelling