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Composites and Coatings Group

Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy

Products from Solar Turbines play an important role in the development of oil, natural gas and power generation projects around the world

Since Solar entered the industrial gas turbine business in 1960 with the Saturn® turbine, Solar’s fleet has grown to more than 13,900 units worldwide. These units have logged more than 1.7 billion hours in 98 countries in some of the toughest, most challenging arctic, desert, tropical and offshore environments. This unparalleled experience gives testimony to the mature design and wide user acceptance of Solar’s products.

Solar’s compact, lightweight and durable gas turbines offer the highest thermal efficiencies in their power classes. Other advantages include ease of transport and installation, long life, high performance, availability and reliability. Units in the Centaur®, Mercury™, Taurus™, Mars® and Titan™ gas turbine families are available with Solar’s pollution prevention SoLoNOx™ dry low emissions combustion system. As of December 2008, customers installed or ordered more than 2000 gas turbines with SoLoNOx, and those units have logged approximately 61 million operating hours and saved over 1.4 million tons of emissions. Solar’s experience with dry, lean-premixed combustion technology, designed to meet low emissions regulations, is unmatched by any other company in the gas turbine industry.

Solar offers complete solutions from engineering specifications to machinery management for your 1 to 60 MW power needs. Our products are marketed and serviced from 43 locations around the world. We are dedicated to providing quality products and prompt, comprehensive customer support such as field service, overhaul, refurbishment, certified parts and technical training to remain the industry leader for industrial gas turbine power.

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