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Composites and Coatings Group

Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy

Listed below are people who have completed PhD studentships (currently ~70) and/or post-doctoral (or visiting) fellowships (of at least 12 months duration) within the Composites and Coatings Group, since its creation in 1985 (when Bill Clyne returned to Cambridge).  The list is sorted by starting date.  Also supplied, where available, are current e-mail addresses and affiliations, linked in some cases to homepage URLs.  Of course, some information may be outdated and some is still missing.  Any updating would be welcome (directed to and copied to

Forename Surname Start date End date e-mail Affiliation
Chris Stanford-Beale (PhD) Oct-85 Jan-89 Analysys Mason, Cambridge
Rob Kieschke (PhD) Oct-86 Mar-90  3M, Minneapolis
Marcus Warwick (PhD) Oct-86 Dec-90 TWI, Cambridge
Steve Gill (PhD) Oct-87 Jun-93 
Mewburn Ellis, Cambridge
John Mason (PhD) Oct-87 Dec-90
Swansea U.
Ravi Shahani (PhD) Oct-87 Aug-91 Constellium, Grenoble
Seiji Kuroda Oct-88 Sep-89  NIMS, Tsukuba
Justin Furness (PhD) Oct-88 Dec-91 Council for Aluminium in Building, Glos.
Andy Reeves (PhD) Oct-88 Mar-92  Wyman Gordon, Livingston
Karl Schulte Jan-89 Dec-89  TU Hamburg-Harburg
Simon Howard (PhD) Oct-89 Feb-96  British Energy, Gloucester
Andy Kennedy (PhD) Oct-89 Feb-93 Nottingham U.
Michelle Watson (PhD) Oct-89 Sep-92 Sustainable Event Certification, Berkshire
Duncan Clark (PhD) Oct-90 Mar-94 Dong Energy, London
Peter Dearnley Oct-90 Sep-92 Southampton U.
Fay Austen (nee Gordon) (PhD) Oct-90 May-94  Orange, Bristol
Andy Phillips (PhD) Oct-90 Nov-95 ActiveBooking, Cambridge
Anne Whitehouse (PhD) Oct-90 Dec-93 
Theta Healing, Leicester
Lalitesh Chandra (PhD) Oct-91 Mar-95 Lalitesh.Chandra@Unilever.Com Unilever, Port Sunlight
David Ramm (PhD) Oct-91 Jan-95 Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
Ricky Tsui (PhD) Oct-92 Sep-98 Ove Arup, Hong Kong
Alison Howard (née Kalton) (PhD) Jan-93 Jan-97  WS Atkins, Bristol
Pascal Feillard Oct-93 Sep-94
PSA Peugeot-Citroen
Akira Itoh (PhD) Oct-93 Apr-97    
Angela Robson (nee Murphy)  (PhD) Oct-93 Jun-97 Unilever, Port Sunlight
Spyros Pateras (PhD) Oct-93 Feb-97  Istria General Consulting, Athens 
Saiful Khan (PhD) Oct-94 Dec-97
Potter Clarkson LLP, Nottingham
Tom Matthams (PhD) Oct-94 Sep-04 Cambridge U.
Mike Shaw Oct-94 Sep-96 California Lutheran U.
Jonathan Spowart (PhD) Jan-95 Dec-97  Wright-Patterson AFB
Ken Cheng (PhD) Oct-95 Apr-99 Siemens, Taiwan
Alice Fox (PhD) Oct-95 Nov-98 Anglo American, London
Xilin Peng (PhD) Oct-95 Jul-98  Seagate, Minneapolis
Katherine Chivers (PhD) Oct-96 Mar-00 British Energy
Colin Creighton (PhD) Oct-96 Jun-01 Hexcel Composites, Cambridge
Francis Delannay Oct-96 Sep-97 Louvain U.
Vlado Gergely (PhD) Oct-96 Mar-02 
Creganna Medical Devices, Galway
Dan Miracle Oct-96 Sep-97 Wright-Patterson AFB
Joe Thompson (PhD) Oct-96 Feb-00 Virgin Atlantic
Athina Markaki (PhD) Jan-97 Sep-05 Cambridge U.
Steve Clifford (PhD) Oct-98 Feb-01 ABB, Zurich
Katy Voisey (PhD) Oct-98 Jun-02 Nottingham U.
Debdulal Roy (PhD) Apr-99 Jul-05  NPL, London
Thomas Klocker (PhD) Oct-99 Nov-02   
Allesandra Orsoni Jan-00 Oct-01 Kingston Business School
Young-Ho Seo Feb-00 Jan-01 Dong-Eui Institute of Technology, Korea
Dave Curran (PhD) Oct-00 Jan-04 Dept. of Energy & Climate Change, London
Russell Goodall (PhD) Oct-00 Dec-03 Sheffield U.
Oona Gingu Jan-01 Dec-01  Craiova U., Romania
Igor Golosnoy Jan-01 Sep-07 Southampton U.
Jin-Chong Tan (PhD) Oct-01 Sep-o8 Oxford University
Tom Illingworth (PhD) Oct-01 Jul-05  LEK Consulting LLP, London
Andrew Lynn Oct-01 Sep-02 Judge Business School, Cambridge
Sofia Tsipas (PhD) Oct-01 May-05  Madrid U. (Carlos III)
Andy Cockburn (PhD) Oct-02 Nov-06 IfM, Cambridge U.
James Curran (PhD) Oct-02 Sep-13 Apple Corporation, Cupertino
Martin Landert (PhD) Oct-02 Sep-06
A*STAR, Singapore
Jamie Muir Wood (PhD) Oct-02 Jan-06 King's College Construction Law Association
Shiladitya Paul (PhD) Oct-03 Sep-07 TWI, Cambridge
Katerina Plati (PhD) Oct-03 Sep-07   Ministry of Labour, Cyprus
Chris Shortall (PhD) Oct-03 Sep-07 Tessella Software, Malborough
Upadastra Ramamurty Jan-04 Dec-04 IIS Bangalore
Mareike Zink Jan-04 Dec-04
Leipzig U.
Amaia Cipitria (PhD) Oct-04 May-08
Berlin U.
Hande Kalkanci Jan-05 Dec-05 Imperial College
Julien Paillard (PhD) Oct-05 Sep-09   Acuity Risk Management
Jeff Wheeler (PhD) Oct-05 Feb-09
EMPA, Thun
Chris Dunleavy (PhD) Oct-06 Sep-13
Venner Shipley LLP, Cambridge
Helen Robinson (née Griffiths) (PhD) Oct-06 Sep-09 
Burgoynes, London
Peter Brown Oct-07 Sep-08 DSTL, Aldermaston
Andy Collier (PhD) Oct-07 May-11    
Sonya Pemberton (PhD) Oct-08 Sep-12 Amec Foster Wheeler, Warrington
Jorge Sobral (PhD) Oct-08 Jul-12 Granta Design, Cambridge
Liza Mirelman (PhD) Oct-09 Aug-13 UCL
Erika Öberg (PhD) Oct-09 Sep-13 BSN Medical, Hamburg
Maya Shinozaki (PhD) Oct-09 Aug-13 Arup, London
Ming-Chee Chung (PhD) Oct-10 Feb-14  
Veronica Su (PhD) Oct-10 Nov-13
Hollingsworth & Vose, Gloucester
Karen Cheung Jan-11 Dec-12 Hong Kong Green Building Council
Dimitris Tsarouchas Jan-11 Sep-12   Boston Consulting Group
Su-Ki Lam (PhD) Sep-11 Sep-14

Catalina Taltavull Sep-14 Jul-17


Tianhong Gu
Joe Reed (PhD) Sep-12 Jul-15 AWE
Fernando Roberto-Perreira (PhD) Sep-14 Dec-18
Max Hutchins Sep-15 Jul-15 Keronite
Nashid Sharif (PhD) Sep-14 Jul-18
Sam Troughton (PhD) Sep-14 Sep-18 Keronite