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Composites and Coatings Group

Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy

The CAmbridge Micromechanical TEsting Centre (CAMTEC) was established in 2004, under the Directorship of Bill Clyne. It incorporates a wide range of fine scale mechanical testing facilities, including three nanoindenters.  Information about them is available HERE.  In conjunction with these facilities, a comprehensive suite of numerical modelling resources is available, many of them concerning finite element simulation of mechanically loaded systems.  This activity is coordinated by James Dean.  Further information is available at FEMOR.  A wide range of people, from within the University and elsewhere, use both CAMTEC and FEMOR resources on a regular basis.

In conjunction with the CAMTEC centre, there is now a well-established series of Symposia on Fine Scale Mechanical Characterisation and Behaviour, held in Cambridge every 4 years.  Attendance is by invitation only, with about 70 delegates attending  -  all of whom are active in research and development in this area.  The next meeting, CAMTEC IV, will be held in April 2018.