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Composites and Coatings Group

Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy


Max joined the Composite and Coatings Group in 2014 for the fourth year project of the Natural Sciences (Materials Science) degree. He then went on to join the group as a PhD student developing methods for the extraction of material properties from indentation data and finite element analyses.

Early work involved the study of metallic materials at high strain rate. A method for the extraction of strain rate sensitive plasticity parameters from ballistic experiments was developed and a comprehensive procedure for this was outlined in the paper below. More recently, this has been extended to focus on the generation and characterisation of fracture/cracking at high imposed strain rates. A method has been proposed for the extraction of a strain energy release rate.

A novel method for the characterisation of primary and secondary creep parameters has also been developed. Instrumented indentation (in conjunction with inverse FE techniques) has successfully been used to extract Miller-Norton creep parameters of pure Nickel at elevated temperature. The details for this are outlined in the paper below.



PhD Student - University of Cambridge
 Max  Burley

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